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Your smile is your calling card. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel great about theirs, so they can smile more and reignite joy in their lives.

There is no priority higher for us than the happiness of our patients. We accompany them along their journeys and are just as invested as they are. Witnessing these amazing transformations still brings smiles to our faces every single time we see them, not to mention our fair share of happy tears.

We offer patients a single provider they can count on to guide them through the denture and implant process. We cut zero corners, use top rated materials and employ the latest technology to provide patients with lasting smiles.


We’re a group of doctors and dental industry experts on a mission to help people elevate their lives and rediscover their very best selves. We’re here to give people the confidence to fully experience life without their teeth holding them back and the ability to transform their smile into one they feel worthy of flashing as often as possible.

Britely. Let’s smile more.

Our History

Britely was created in 2019 by a group of doctors and industry experts who wanted to help people find their very best smiles. We set out to pair patients with a single provider who would accompany them throughout their entire denture or implant experience.

Quality, convenience, affordability, support, and trust became the core values that provided the foundation of our Scottsdale Arizona Studio. We’ve since opened multiple locations across the U.S. and are continuously working to expand access to quality dental implants services at affordable prices.


The Britely Difference

Britely exclusively offers dental implants and denture procedures. This allows us to provide many benefits to our patients that can’t be achieved by going somewhere else. All Britely doctors have 10+ years of experience and typically perform more implant procedures in a single month than general dentists and oral surgeons perform in a lifetime. Our team of experts are certified through the American Board of Oral Implantology.

We’re into:

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Helping patients trade shame and invisibility for social confidence and self-love.

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Transforming lives and helping people to rediscover their most confident selves.

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Being caregivers on steroids. We’re authentically invested in our patient’s outcomes.


Fully investing ourselves in both the patient journey and outcome.

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Being honest but not over promising.

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Using our extensive knowledge to guide our patients down the best possible path.

Success Stories

Our clients saying just how good we are

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