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New Year, New Smile

New Year banner By: Britely

Every new year brings about change. As we head into 2023, it marks a time for new beginnings and resolutions. One resolution many people may have is to change their smile. That’s where we come in.

How Can We Help?

At Britely, we specialize in the art of creating new smiles. Whether it be full-mouth implants, single implants, or dentures, we can find a solution for you. Our dentists are highly trained and provide quality patient care, allowing us to determine what they need when they visit.

Which Option is Best For You?

Knowing the key differences between implants and dentures is essential when deciding which option is right for you. The main difference between the two is that implants are permanent, and dentures are removable. Dentures are the more popular option, and nearly 20% of the population have them. They are also less expensive than implants and are ideal for anyone with weak or unhealthy jaws. Implants are a bit more costly but have a 98% success rate and last a lifetime. This option is ideal for anyone that wants the feel of natural and permanent teeth. For more information about both choices, check out our blog comparing the two here.

How to Get Started

If you decide that this is the year to finally restore your smile, we can help you get started! At Britely, we offer free exam consultations to help you decide the next step. During these consultations, you get to meet one-on-one with our Dentists, who will then give guidance on which option best suits you. To get started, go to our website ( and select ‘Find Your Provider.’ From there, you will find our office location closest to you and choose it. Once you select your location, there will be a button to schedule your consultation online. You can also call the number provided for the location to schedule that way.

With the new year starting, we hope everyone takes the necessary steps to make positive changes in their lives this year. If one of your goals is to restore your smile, we would love to be a part of your journey!

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