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Team Member Spotlight: Vanessa

Vanessa Fisher Spotlight By: Blake Slunaker

Vanessa Fisher is a treatment coordinator for Britely in the Milwaukee, WI location. She has been with the Milwaukee practice from day one, when they first opened in September 2021. 

Every day, Vanessa is the first person at the practice at 8:00 A.M. sharp. She is the first person patients see daily, so she makes sure to create genuine conversations and relationships while also putting together their plans of action for treatment. Her favorite part about working for Britely are the patients themselves.  

She says, “The feeling of seeing our patients shine after getting the smile they have only been able to dream of. It’s a very beautiful and rewarding experience for all.” She also enjoys working with the rest of the Milwaukee team and appreciates their willingness to work together. 

Some of her biggest accomplishments in her career also involve the patients she has worked with in the time she’s been with Britely.  

She says, “There have been a few patients I have worked hand in hand with for months at a time trying to create ways to afford the treatment that they want. Being successful with each one of them has been my absolute favorite accomplishment.”  

She knows every patient is unique and enjoys getting to know and working with each one to accomplish what they need. She tells other treatment coordinators, “Always remember that you’re changing someone’s life every time they grab that door handle.” 

Outside of work, Vanessa spends most of her time with her husband and three dogs. They usually go up to Lake Michigan quite often and she also finds time to do puzzles, word searches, and color. 

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