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What is a snap-in denture? And is it right for me?

Snap in dentures By: Britely

If you are missing all of your teeth, or are considering smile restoration, are snap-in dentures an option for you?  

How do fixed dentures work? 

A snap-in (or fixed denture, also known as implant retained denture) denture is considered an upgrade from a traditional removable denture. Fixed dentures are accomplished by using dental implants to retain the denture in your mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, fixed dentures are substantially more stable and can offer you a better eating and speaking experience. 

What are the benefits of fixed dentures? 

  • Removable for cleaning 
  • Looks like natural teeth, and implants prevent premature aging by retaining bone structure 
  • No adhesive required 
  • Does not slip or rock like traditional dentures 
  • Less maintenance than traditional dentures 
  • Does not chip, stain, or wear over time 


It can be confusing navigating all your options. We know! That’s why our consultations are always complimentary. You shouldn’t be charged for doing your research. At Britely, we’ve created a welcoming environment for you to learn what option is best for you. So, if you find you still have questions, schedule your free consultation today and get all your questions answered. 

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