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Team Member Spotlight: Peggy

By: Britely

Peggy Sanchez has been the Practice Manager of our Bonita Springs practice for just over a year. She joined us at a time of growth in Florida, and together with Dr. John Pasicznyk she and her team have established Britely in their community as a warm, inviting, and incredibly talented provider of smile restorations. 

Prior to joining Britely, Peggy worked in dentistry moving her way up from administrative receptionist to Practice Manager over the course of 10 years. Feeling stuck in her career track, she decided to look for new opportunities with room for growth and found Britely! At the time, Britely was getting ready to open their first office in the state of Florida, and the opportunity to create the environment she wanted was an exciting prospect. 

“There was no Britely here (in Florida), we had the opportunity to build this practice from nothing and it’s been such an amazing experience. This office is my baby! Working with patients and seeing their reactions to their changed lives is really incredible. We’re not just giving someone a tooth, we’re really impacting their lives. They can eat, they can be confident with their friends and family, it’s really special to be a part of.” 

Working with Dr. Pasicznyk, Peggy says “he makes us feel like we are individuals, and not just employees. He is patient with us, and teaches us as he goes so every day feels like a learning experience.”  

Thinking about patient stories that have been particularly impactful to her, Peggy mentions one of their very first patients had lost her teeth as a victim of domestic violence. “She was able to get away from that situation and came to us for help healing from her experience; to not relive her trauma every time she looked in the mirror. Restoring her smile, seeing her gain confidence back, and even finding new love during the course of her treatment was amazing. How could you not want to be a part of something like that?” 

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